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  • The all new BS-C101 Star is the fastest scanner in this segment and is loaded with features. It represents high-durability and faster customer checkouts, with an unbeatable first read scan success rate. It’s highly functional and is a great business companion.



  • Fastest in this segment with 330 scans per second
  • Increased resolution of 2500 pixels
  • Greater decoding accuracy
  • Auto-scan mode enables hands-free operation
  • Higher depth-of-field up to 300 mm enables decoding from longer distances 


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TVS-E BS-C101 Star Barcode Scanner

  1. Auto Scan
  2. Comes with a Top Trigger button
  3. Comprehensive field depth
  4. Plug 'n play USB
  • Has a smart build and a design that makes it light in weight and durable. It is a handheld scanner that makes the performance of the scanner fast and simple.
    Functions at 330 scans per second speed for faster customer checkouts. It has a first read feature with a high success rate.
    Engineered with a 1D linear imager to scan complex barcodes with ease and accuracy. It is competent enough to decode barcodes from less than two feet away.


    • We Will Not Accept Any Returns.

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